This gun(now With A Railing To Store Ammo And To Put Under Your Arm), used exclusively by residents of Lyford Cay, Beverly Hills, and Wall Street, not only launches painful quarters at your enemy, but emasculates them by showing them that you are so rich you're actually using currency as ammunition.

As a training item, the Rocket Jumper fires completely harmless rockets, allowing players to freely practice rocket jumping techniques. The ammo count for the weapon is also tripled, giving the user forty extra rockets to use.

The Tickle Belt is a lethal weapon and accessory owned by Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. The belt tickles enemies into submission or to the point of wetting themselves. The belt can only be taken off by a special key, but it is not very much needed, because it is impossible to try to take it off, while being tickled. It tickles so effectively, that it leaves its victim rolling on the ground, giggling continuously unless turned off.