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  • Glock Model 23 aka My Baby

    this is the gun

    +666 damage bonus
  • +9900 bigger clip size.
  • This weapon does not require ammunition.
  • +10 thousand health regenerated per second on wearer.
  • +100 thousand max health on wearer.
  • On kill:+200 health.
  • On hit:applies bleeding for 200 billion seconds.
  • +90011337 million faster firing speed.
  • The user is invincible.
  • +75 self damage force on wearer.
  • +3301830183882 to the tetration of TREE3 times infinity movespeed on wearer.
  • User can throw unlimited grenades.
  • On kill:6000 seconds of 100000000000% quad damage.
  • This weapon is a joke & does not exist at all!XD.