The Stonies are rock-like creatives native to Mayahem Temple, although one Stony can be found within the Colosseum on the lava side of Hailfire Peaks. Stonies look like small, relatively featureless rocks from a distance, but will spring to life when approached, growing arms, feet, eyes, and a crown- or headdress-like decoration on their head.

Eosapiens are the most advanced life form on Darwin IV with the intelligence of early Humans such as Homo erectus. They float in mid-air by using two bags filled with methane gas. Eosapiens have fingers that they use to manipulate objects such as spears and create formations on the ground. They live in small tribes and hunt the other creatures on the planet.

The Indian Heavies are men living the farthest reaches of Offblast. With their beaked familiars, they follow the nomadic life ways of the now all but extinct Pootis tribe, who were wiped out in the tragic Backstabbing of Blood VOOOOM.

Tribe Ookga Chaka is a tribe of Pygmies that inhabit Pocket God and Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It is the only tribe of Pygmies that inhabit the Pocket God World.

The Squibbon is a terrestrial Squid from The Future is Wild Series. An air-breathing cephelapod distantly related to the Megasquid, the Squibbon is almost totally arboreal, swinging through the "trees" of the Northern Forest, rather than brachiating like modern-day apes.

The Red Arremer Tribe are a clan of red gargoyle demons skilled in both attack and defense. Unlike protector gargoyles, these creatures can't turn to stone, nor have any affinity with earth; they have a strong affinity with fire.

Tribal Turtle alternates between shooting spears and coconuts at bloons. The coconuts do extra damage to Ceramic Bloons and are able to pop frozen and Lead Bloons while the spears can't.

The Vaycaylians are a merfolk-like species that resides at Spinner Cay in the Jerkbait Islands, though hundreds of years ago they tried living on land, on Flotsam Island. They left behind many ancient ruins which are still intact and functional.

Mole people is a term used to refer to homeless people living under large cities in abandoned subway tunnels and shafts.

The Sewer People are a somewhat kind of street gang in the fourth Island of Paper Thin City. Pedestrians in the street and inside StickBucks may describe the Sewer People as gruesome and merciless.