Bowling for Pasta is a form of the game bowling played in the Mushroom Kingdom, mentioned in the Nintendo Comics System story "Love Flounders". It is themed around Mario's favored food, pasta. It uses giant meatballs instead of bowling balls.

Sniffleball is a sport that is a parody of "baseball". In the game, you must wack the ball of mucus and get to "homebase".

Podracing was a dangerous racing sport on planets such as Malastare, Theron, and Tatooine. Racers could perform multiple laps on a particular race track, moving at dangerous and, at times, deadly speeds.

Pro-bending is a popular sport originating in Republic City that involves two teams of three benders, one from each of the three main bending arts. The objective of the sport is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible within three minutes, or, alternatively, to drive the members of the opposing team over the edge of the ring.