Tar pit

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BBC Tar, Ice Age Killer - Ice Age Death Trap

BBC Tar, Ice Age Killer - Ice Age Death Trap

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This is an area of the Great Valley which has Sinking Sand, in sight of the sheltering grass. It is also dino talk for quicksand.

As Banjo and Kazooie continue their journey to save Tooty, they stumble upon a swampy wetland world ruled by reptiles, insects, and amphibians. Bubblegloop Swamp is the fourth world accessed from Gruntilda's Lair in Banjo-Kazooie.

Mozenrath's Black Sand. The heroes didn't even have to step in it, it reached out to suck them in, an act that was, in one episode, disturbingly referred to as eating.

One of the three dangers of the fire swamp is lightning sand.

The Bikini Bottom Tar Pits is a prehistoric tar pit located in Bikini Bottom.