• Jack-o-lanturns: these are the iconic result of carving pictures out of pumpkins & setting them somewhere. They originated from the tail of Stingy Jack, who tricked the devil into climbing a tree & carved a cross at the base to prevent him from climbing down, only removing it once the devil aggreed not to take his sinful soul when he died, unfortanatly for Jack, satan forced him to eternally roam the earth with nothing, but a hollow turnip with a glowing coal in it.
  • Candy: I have nothing to say about this one.
  • Costumes: Disquises & holiday fare(mostly holiday fare)
  • Horror: self explanitory.
  • Darkness: lack of light


  • Santa Claus: the spirit of it all.
  • Jesus Christ: who you should really thank for everything good.
  • Carols: christmas songs.
  • Snow: Frozen water that covers almost everything.
  • Ice: Liquid that is solid, but vurnerably to heat.