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Megavitamins come in six color combinations of red, blue, and yellow. Dr. Mario uses these capsules by tossing them into contaminated bottle to destroy viruses. The origin of these wonder pills is a mystery, but the most likely theory is that they're the result of Dr. Mario's lifelong efforts to find a cure for the common cold.

The potter pill is used by Harry Potter fans so they can "cure" about their depression and obsession of "Harry Potter"(not recommendedly while driving &/or with Viagra). However, because the pill is poisonous, the users of the pill end up dying.

The 'Power Pellet' (パワーエサ), also known as an 'Energizer', was an object used in the 'Pac-Man' series of games. In arcade games, he would eat it and the Ghosts would turn blue and he would be able to eat them. After the ghosts are eaten, only their eyes remain and they go back to the center of the maze to regenerate. After a short period of time if the Ghosts don't get eaten, they will turn back to normal.

Other power-upsEdit

The Sandvich, known in full as the Sandvich Edible Device, is an unlockable "secondary weapon" for the Heavy. Between the slices of bread are lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss cheese, and an indeterminate meat that is referred to both ham and bologna by the Heavy. It is topped with a green stuffed olive, pinned to the Sandvich by a toothpick.

Devil Fruit (悪魔の実 Akuma no Mi?), called Cursed Fruit (pronounced with two syllables) in the 4Kids and edited FUNimation dubs, is a mystical fruit found in the world that can give the eater many different and varying kinds of strange and interesting abilities depending on the type and variation of the fruit itself.

Vitalin is a vivifying health drink produced by Vitacorp. By drinking 100 jars of it, Keen can get an extra life. Each jar seems to contain a green liquid, Vitalin, in a small quantity. Vitalin is also available in kegs. Keen gets an extra life from every keg he collects.

An Invincibility Candy (also sometimes called an Invincibility Lollipop) is a recurring item in the Kirby series. It makes Kirby invincible for a short time, and almost any enemy he touches will be instantly defeated or at least damaged.

Senzu Beans are grown by Korin in Korin Tower. When eaten, the consumer's energy and physical health are restored to their fullest; the effects are typically almost instantaneous for the recipient, making these beans a great asset both in and out of battle.